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Return Of cURLmon, Kind Of.

So just another quick update from my adventures in rebooting my site. I've checked a couple things off my list. First I added titles to my blog entries. I also updated the RSS feed to reflect appropriate information. I did some updating on the backend to help with that too. Across the top I updated the links to social sites. I was hoping to get a little farther tonight but I unfortunately / amazingly ran into a backup of an old PHP / curl monitoring tool I wrote for work and decided if I could get it back up and working. You can check it out here:


I'm sure if it gets out there too much people will troll add websites to it but whatever I'll fix it if that happens. The neat part about this is the site allows you to add a site you want to monitor. Once added it uses a cron job that runs a PHP script that runs a Linux application called curl. Curl basically parses apart all the timing it takes in requesting a website. Things like how long does it take to lookup the DNS, request the site, get a response, and most importantly to me was the time to first byte (or TTFB).

This was an unfortunate find because it sucked up all sorts of time I should have been getting familiar with my site again and making updates. Especially since I really don't have a need for this tool anymore. However I'm still stoked about it because this was the first (and really only) time I was able to create graphs with PHP. If you go there and click on a site it will take you to a report that gives you some information and displays a bar graph to compare easily where the most amount of time is being taken during the request. Finally the saddest part about this find is it's still not the final product I had for the project at work. In the final project I had added several types of graphs and time frame stuff. But it's close enough that I could reboot the project and if I ever need this information I have a working copy that does the bulk of the work

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