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The Reboot.

So I wanted to do a quick update here and let everyone know (which really isn't anyone but the people in my head) that I'm rebooting the website. I know in the past I've talked big about making updates and keep content flowing on the site and I never delivered. So this time no empty promises because there are no promises. Basically I have a couple things in mind that will happen in the next couple of weeks and those things consist of a little bit of a restructure of the site and a change of content. I want to refocus this site to just really encapsulate the things I'm into. I figure that will be post on the type of work I'm doing with things like the Citrix Netscaler and the projects we're doing with our network. From time to time I'll through in my thoughts on some geek pop culture too. Mostly this is to facilitate a more professional feel.

Second I want to make the site a little friendlier so I'm going display the logs in a more Word Press style feel and add some titles to the blog post. I'll also be hopefully adding a search feature so down the road when I hopefully have a decent amount of relevant technical and geek content it'll be easier to find. Yes, I do realize that's a lot of hopefully-es.

Actually let's put a list of changes I'm not promising to make just for kicks:
1) Reboot the blog. (At least one check mark).
2) Update the RSS feed to reflect the blog entries properly.
3) Create blog headers.
4) Create an easier way to add images to my post (right now its manual and rough).
5) Display the blogs in a list format showing the first part of post.
6) Create tags for entries to help with searching.
7) Create search feature.
8) Work on the Twitter API to have new post linked on my feed.
9) Go over the aesthetics and determine if any face lifting is needed.
10) Possible side bar for twitter feed, links, and other misc things.

So for now this is this is the first new post. Hopefully more to come soon.

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